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Our Story

ALTPLUS is a technology company that gathers particle engineering experts and specializes in the research and development of fine dust reduction and control technology evaluation systems.


  Since our founding, we have consistently practiced our management philosophy of providing products and services to create clean air, supporting the independence of the socially disadvantaged at home and abroad through our core technological capabilities, and complying with ethical values, laws, and regulations. 


  By supplying performance evaluation equipment that meets domestic and international standards, we aim to improve the safe market distribution of consumer products and the quality competitiveness of manufacturers, and we actively participate in national and international standard-setting activities for related industrial technologies to help our customers preempt the market.  


  Meet the smartest way to take control - with ART Plus.   We'll take your worries away with a system optimized for your environment.


Our Key players

Kang Kitai

President CEO

Master of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University

Member of the Planning Committee for Multi-Ministry Project on Fine Dust Research

Presidential Citation as a Model SME

Gyeonggi-do Excellent Venture Company

Gyeonggi Governor's Award for Meritorious SME Growth and Development

Proud Small Business Award ( GBSA )

Chung ​Hyeok

​Director  (CTO)

Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University

IEC/TC59 WG17 ​Korea Representative Expert Member

Korea’s only simple fine dust measuring instrument performance evaluation system. Development

Local development of air filter performance evaluation system

​Microorganisms in live state Development of generation system, etc.

Kuk ​Jeongho

​Director (COO)

Master of Mechanical Engineering, Hanyang University

Venture Company Certification

Certified as an Inno-Biz Company

 Certified as a youth-friendly hidden champion

Certified as a family-friendly company

Selected as a Top Performance Sharing Company

Minister of Foreign Affairs Award for Outstanding Sustainability Management

Minister of Health and Welfare Award for Outstanding Social Contribution


ART Plus employee

2016. 03 Established the corporation of ARTPLUS

2018. 03 Acquired ISO9001, 14001 quality and environmental management system certification

2018.12 Selected as a frontier venture company by the Technology Guarantee Fund

2019. 05 Won the Korea Green Energy Enterprise Award

2020.12 Recognized by the Gyeonggi-do Minister of SMEs and Startups as an Excellent Venture Company

2021. 05 Selected as a Gyeonggi-do Star Company, Minister of Foreign Affairs Award for Excellent National Sustainable Management Company 

2021. 11 Selected as one of the best SMEs to work for in 3 categories by the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry

2022. 02 Minister of Health and Welfare Award for Excellent Social Contribution Company 

2022. 08 Certified as an Innobiz Company

2022. 05 Recognized as a model SME by the President of the Republic of Korea

2023. 05 Certified as a hidden champion by the Ministry of Employment and Labor for 3 years in a row

2024. 01 Certified as a youth-friendly hiden champion for 3 years in a row

Us in Numbers (~'23)

56.2 billion+

Cumulative revenue


Average annual growth rate


Days of experience


Open new products


Government R&D challenges 

Patents & Certifications

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