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01 Calibration

Measuring equipment may have errors in measured values depending on the usage environment, usage cycle, and durability. Maintaining measurement accuracy ensures consistency in the quality of products distributed on the market and is the basis for fair trade between consumers and manufacturers, so it is important to maintain traceability at the appropriate time. (KOLAS calibration is performed by an external, accredited calibration agency.)

02 Inspection

Depending on the usage environment and frequency of the measurement system, we recommend that you regularly check the performance of the system to ensure that it is maintained. If you already have built a system with a set of supplied equipment and programs, receive effective technical support through an annual inspection service contract.

03 Consulting

Whether you need to build an experimental environment required by various national and international regulations or a customized system to meet challenging research goals, we provide the technical consulting you need to build the optimal experimental environment.

04 ​Performance evaluation-based infrastructure creation project 

Local industry policy demand planning and design, business plan consulting

05 Building a smart city responding to fine dust

Establishment of fine dust monitoring/measurement network optimized for regional characteristics

​Development of fine dust reduction smart city to respond to fine dust

06​ Research joint development service

Basic, evaluation, production technology research, performance (certification) evaluation test system development, and research collaboration in the fields of atmospheric fine dust observation, airborne biological pollutants (infectious agents), and industrial emissions (stationary source pollution)

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